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Born in 1993. Lives and works in Montrouge.

Arthur Grosbois’ paintings exist by their simple presence, without context or need for environmental support.

The characters and beings presented seem to have been caught, fixated or frozen in their own movements, creating a feeling of introspection. Recurrent themes within Grosbois’ work indicate a tactile research on presence itself and reflections on identity being brought into constant questioning. In effect, his portraits occupy an important space, presented as much as an object of contemplation as a tool to urge viewers to experience their own physicality (i.e. via eye contact).

We find in Arthur Grosbois’ work research into the aura of the individual, that is delineated by the artist in a semi-sculptural manner, as well as an affection for the ambient nature of the finished object. Grosbois combines traditional painting techniques and digital tools to remodel and rework the plenitude of image fragments sourced via the internet. The image choices follow the thematic interests of the artist and provide objectivity, decontextualizing the subjects portrayed which are then reinterpreted in-line with the artists own relativity.


Arthur Grosbois

Contemplations III, 2020

Coloured gesso and cera-colla on cardboard

30 x 25 cm / 11.81 x 9.84 inches

Photo: Sylvie Grosbois

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